Want to work with a NWS mentor?

The National Weather Service in Phoenix is offering another great opportunity for meteorology students: the Winter 2016-17 Student Mentorship Program.

Who: open to all meteorology students (regardless of where you are in your program)
What: Work one-on-one with a NWS forecaster at the Phoenix NWS office
When: The program runs January-April, 2017. You’ll meet with your mentor 1-2 times each month
WHY? You’ll get to learn what operational meteorologists actually do, and MORE!

Deadline for your application is Friday, October 28. Check out this link for information about how to apply, and watch www.centralAZweather.com/Students for more opportunities in the future. Good luck!


In the news

The World Meteorological Organization Rapporteur of Climate and Weather Extremes (Dr. Randy Cerveny of ASU SGSUP) has just verified the longest horizontal lightning strike ever recorded: 199.5 miles in length. Astounding, and 10 times longer than we had thought (we’ve had evidence of lightning striking victims as far as 10 miles from a storm, and it was assumed lightning wouldn’t travel more than 20 miles). Oh, and the committee also verified the longest lasting strike: 7.74 seconds.

The September equinox is coming! An equinox is when the sun’s most direct rays strike the equator, and this next event will occur on Thursday, September 22 at precisely 1421UTC (7:21AM in AZ). Remember that season names (like Fall and Spring) are hemispheric-based. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re heading into Fall; in the Southern Hemisphere, they’re heading into Spring. Enjoy!

NWS Student Volunteer Program

Applications due Friday, April 15, 2016wrn_lean

Our local National Weather Service office (Phoenix) is offering a great opportunity for meteorology undergraduates (junior/senior), graduate students, or recent grads (within 6 months).

If you want to work at the National Weather Service or learn more about their operations, this is the perfect chance to see what they do! Check out their website for more information: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/psr/pns/2016/March/NWSPhoenixStudentVolunteerProgram-Announcement-Summer2016.pdf

Thinking about Summer?

Now is the time to start looking for those summer opportunities! Check these out soon because some are closing quickly!

Upcoming Events from NWA

This summer in Arizona

Getting involved

Getting involved and networking are important means to grow within the meteorological community and we want to help you stay connected! Student opportunities, significant events, meeting information and more can be found right here to make sure you’re kept up to date on what’s happening. From operational professionals to weather enthusiasts, we want to make sure you’re linked into our network. Check back periodically for updates or feel free to let us know what you’d be interested in hearing more about!